We are a small charity with a big heart, and even bigger ideas!

We believe in delivering quality projects that really make a difference to the people involved.

We try and target the majority of our projects at very disadvantaged or isolated children, adults, and young people, but all who know they’ll get something positive out of getting involved, are welcome, as well as all those that don’t know…yet!

Cirque Du Ciel is currently offering ‘Everyone Welcome, Circus Skills Workshops’, at The Circus Academy 1 Penryn, and The Circus Academy 2 Crowlas. Get in touch for details!

Cirque Du Ciel with your help and involvement is to start with, looking to re-instate, and regenerate, the 2 long term projects it holds dearest to it’s heart. It’s work at the Trelander Centre Truro, and with the local support services, for women and children, dealing with living in difficult circumstances. Please help us to do this.


Cirque du Ciel has run the following projects targeted at disadvantaged children;

  • 4 seperate ongoing projects for families that have suffered domestic violenceA big smile after walking tall on stilts
  • An after school clubs for disabled children at Special School
  • An ongoing club for Children in care
  • A circus club supporting special needs children within a mainstream school
  • Two circus clubs for children living at permanent travellers site

Cirque du Ciel, also created the following artistic projects;

  Swapping Shadows – a project bringing retired writers and school children together to create a shadow puppet show about their village through the seasons

  • Make a Show – a chance for children across Cornwall to get together and perform a show, as well as to give Cirque du Ciel their feedback and ideas for the future.
  • Circus skills for performance to year 8’s in Plymouth
  • Circus Skills Club for Art Students