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Cirque du Ciel receives funding to work with survivors of domestic violence

Media Release 10.1.11

Cirque du Ciel is delighted to announce that they have secured funding to run two more children’s circus clubs for families who have long term domestic violence. “This is really great news and will help us to start out first project for disdvantaged families in Devon.” Ali Knight, Charity Manager Cirque du Ciel

Children who live in families that experience domestic violence, live with a controlling abusive adult.*They are likely to have witnessed domestic violence** this can lead to the children being very quiet, intreverted, struggling with social skills and becoming school refusers*. Under 5’s, which is the age group of children most likely to be to be in a family that suffers domestic violence, can suffer developmental problems **and parents mention stress related problems with older children.***It is very likely this situation also has long term affects on both younger and older children.

CdC clubs are open to children of any age and provide inclusive fun circus based activities and games.

Cirque du Ciel aims to increase children’s confidence, self exteem, social skills through safe fun circus play sessions. It also helps the families to develop a positive relationship and new memories. These clubs also encourage families to access other community services and groups.

CdC now runs 4 clubs for children and families who have suffered domestic violence.

This project which funds two ongoing clubs in Plymouth Devon and Mid Cornwall has beed funded by £10,000 grant from Awards for All.

*CdC Evaluation quote WCAID worker West Cornwall.
*** CdC questionnaire to Mums attending Suzie Project